If Oregon State is serious about basketball, as they darn well ought to be since they hav..."/> If Oregon State is serious about basketball, as they darn well ought to be since they hav..."/>

OSU should hire Ernie Kent to make NCAA Tourney


If Oregon State is serious about basketball, as they darn well ought to be since they have always historically been one of the more winning programs in the nation, then they need to act the part and demand a coach who is relentless about getting OSU back into the NCAA within a few years.  One man is already sitting out there who is plenty capable. All of this who else could the Beavers get talk is baloney. Ernie Kent is available at the right price and is a very talented coach.  He may be a Top 15-20 coach in the nation.  He has been scouting every Pac-12 team as part of his job with the Pac-12 Networks and joked a few days ago that he would gladly take a portion of Dana Altman’s salary.  OSU can do better than that and likely increase his pay over the Pac-12 Networks close to 10 times over.

Kent is a good recruiter, knows the state and has everything OSU needs to get back to the Big Dance where the Beavers belong. It is a crying shame how far BDC has let the basketball program fall.  Oregon State damn needs to have some expectations already.  Kent probably wouldn’t take an assistant’s job at OSU and I wouldn’t want him to. He is one of the better basketball minds on the West Coast.  Maybe OSU will have a chance to go after him next year if Robinson is not fired but has another poor showing in the 2013-14 season.  The thing is though in life you must strike while the iron is hot and an opportunity presents itself. BDC is poor at this and likes to let things turn into a complete disaster before he will make a move.  It is a bush league approach.

Robinson has done some good at OSU but make no mistake that we are plenty justified to be looking at other options after how much of a fall Oregon State has witnessed in Robinson’s 5th season and first team that are all his recruits.  An argument can easily be made that he was best with Jay John’s recruits even though people like to act like he is a good recruiter. Truth is he is only a mediocre recruiter and a worse X’s and O’s coach.  I have largely given Robinson a pass up to this point, but OSU needs to quit extending contracts with mediocre at best performances because of one OK season amidst a few.  If OSU wants to get to the NCAA tourney they have a very appealing option just sitting there for the taking.

Next year who knows what the situation will be. My prediction is we will see another not very good year and BDC coming up with every reason he can to let Robinson squander even longer.  Ernie Kent knows how to win and he knows how to play an exciting brand of basketball. He had the Ducks in the Elite 8 in both 2002 and 2007.  Robinson may never even make the NIT at OSU.