Aloha's Thomas Tyner contacted Oregon State today to express interest in the program..."/> Aloha's Thomas Tyner contacted Oregon State today to express interest in the program..."/>

Tyner would become a legend at Oregon State


Aloha’s Thomas Tyner contacted Oregon State today to express interest in the program after decommitting from Oregon. It is expected that he will set up an official visit. Tyner seemingly wants to make sure he gets plenty of facts about the schools amongst his favorites. I applaud Tyner for his decision and firmly believe he is a better fit at Oregon State for many reasons. Among the many reasons, the fact that he is interested in being groomed to be a Pro Style NFL ready running back is one key reason to prefer to Beavers. Oregon State is primed to be a Top 10 to Topn 15 for the next several years. Cooks, Tyner, Woods, and Mannion would be an instant all-star combination that could match up with anyone and cement the Beavers role as THE new heavyweight of the Pac-12.

At Oregon, Tyner is just one of many. At Oregon State he has the opportunity to be remembered as a legend for another half century. Immortality is being remembered after your time. Tyner won’t be at Oregon. Their will be a someone else the second he is gone or whether he attends Oregon or not.

At Oregon State though, Tyner added to this year’s success to greatly speed up Reser Phase 3 and making Oregon State a national household name. The current roster can be Top 10-15 for a few years if they play their cards right. With Tyner they could make multiple BCS Bowls and knock Oregon off their Pac-12 perch. Tyner would be remembered for rebirthing Oregon State men’s track which BDC would restart in an instant with Tyner onboard. That is where we are at right now in this moment and Tyner could usher all these great things to reality for OSU and then achieve greatness for himself and OSU as a new renaissance era for Oregon State sports is born and new heights achieved.

That is the stuff of legends. Tyner can’t do that at Oregon or UCLA. LA is too busy with other concerns and Oregon can’t make Tyner stand out like Oregon State could. Tyner would also win many more national fans who frankly are sick of Oregon. The highs Tyner could reach at OSU would be much more lasting and appreciated because they are more rare. When something is more rare it is worth much more. That is what Tyner and Oregon State could achieve together if he decides to make Oregon State the equally powerful rival to Oregon that it is capable of with one super speedy back to go with Riley’s NFL offense and the likes of Sean Mannion and Brandin Cooks. Eugene, the Athens of the Pac-12 would have a true Sparta that was tougher and even more deadly to worry about. And Sparta could defeat Athens multiple times in a row and become legends that are remembered for decades to come.

A 50K finished Reser? With Tyner at OSU you can count on it. A men’s track team that literally competes neck and neck with Oregon and makes for two premier programs in the state? Ditto. That is what Tyner can do for the State of Oregon at Oregon State that he cannot do at Oregon. If Tyner just wants to be another quickly forgotten cog in the wheel he can go to Oregon and achieve little that isn’t already taken for granted. At Oregon State the synergy with the rising Oregon State program could get and keep Oregon State at the truly elite level and change the very face of Oregon State as next year’s rebranding gives it a new powerful image that can elevate Oregon State to new heights. Tyner can be the image of that rebranding as they would begin together. Something truly great could be forged and by the time Tyner leaves Oregon State it would be a whole different ballgame. Oregon State will be an equal but different power to Oregon. The state would have two consistent premier programs that would be at eachother’s throats and keeping eachother in top form for years to come. The legacy that he would leave at Oregon State would last. Everyone would look back to when Reser was built into a premier stadium and OSU men’s track is reborn and wins key events versus Oregon. This is Thermopylae. The few willing to unite and fight as they give their entire selves to achieve something spectacular that is never forgotten and becomes legend.