Oregon State announced the #BeaverJuice T-Shirts would be available for purchase last wee..."/> Oregon State announced the #BeaverJuice T-Shirts would be available for purchase last wee..."/>

#BeaverJuice T-Shirts a Raging Success


Oregon State announced the #BeaverJuice T-Shirts would be available for purchase last week starting at noon on Friday. Before 5:00pm that afternoon they were sold out. My guess is Oregon State probably only had 200 for sale. The orange is particularly appealing based off over 2/3 of the games being “Wear Orange” games. I, like many, had hoped to pick up a #BeaverJuice shirt on Saturday at the OSU Bookstore prior to the game. However, on Friday night the Bookstore updated their website saying they were completely sold out of the T-shirts. I asked Bookstore staff if they planned to make more, and got an uncertain answer. I was shocked. The #BeaverJuice tees could easily have sold four to five times the actual supply had they been both at the Bookstore and at the stadium and Truax on GameDay. The same thing holds for future games.

#BeaverJuice is now an official slogan for the 2012 Oregon State football season. I have no doubt 400 shirts could be sold on GameDay alone for the Utah game and hundreds more during the week and online. The Bookstore staff said they may bring them back for one more week during the season, but I say keep them coming through the Civil War. This is an item that could sell 2,000-3,000 T-Shirts up to that time if they keep marketing them. The #BeaverJuice T-Shirt is an attractive option next to all the other T-shirt offerings in that it easily fulfills the role of “Wear Orange” or “Wear Black” and has a simple design that is appealing to many. The price OSU was selling them at was also very appealing at $10 that is perfect for maximizing sales. Anyone can take a $20 bill and decide if they want two orange #BeaverJuice tees or one orange and one black.

This T-Shirt was the best guerilla marketing I have seen from OSU in 20 years. I sincerely hope they do bring this shirt back prior to the Utah and other games. Put in an order for 500 shirts and watch how quickly they sell out again. Then repeat that order atleast one more time. There are still over a thousand fans I know who really wanted a chance to get this keepsake T-shirt of the 2012 season and feel like they never had a chance. Give them that chance by printing more so the OSU faithful who want one can share in the excitement of the 2012 season and remember a great and unique season in OSU history.

**UPDATE- #BeaverJuice T-shirts will be back in stock this Thursday online and at the Bookstore! www.osubeaverstore.com  They will be available at the Downtown Portland and Keizer stores by this weekend.