Cal's $321 million renovation of Memorial Stadium is all but done.  The stadium wil..."/> Cal's $321 million renovation of Memorial Stadium is all but done.  The stadium wil..."/>

Cal $321 million Stadium nears completion


Cal’s $321 million renovation of Memorial Stadium is all but done.  The stadium will be a true gem for Cal Athletics for decades to come.  Seeing Cal warp up the project makes OSU fans wonder why OSU is lagging behind with no official Phase 3 fundraising campaign even started.  Many Beaver Nation faithful do not get why BDC has not started the campaign with many millions needed to be raised.  Best indications are that we are atleast 5 years away from a next round of Reser improvements even though BDC has stated that work on Phase 3 could begin with just $40 million raised.  Worse is that even though OSU fans overwhelmingly support Reser Phase 3 for our next round of construction to compete with the rest of the Pac-12, BDC lately has suggested a far more modest proposal of lipstick on the old side may be considered for long term needs.

This would be a travesty for OSU Athletics for multiple decades to come and let’s hope he wises up before then and we get the real upgrade we desperately need.  Cal already has its logos down.  OSU should be paiting its on very soon.  In my poll for the logo for Reser center field, fans were more in favor of the OS logo than the angrybeaver.  This week OSU Bookstore mailers were sent out with more emphasis on the updated classic Benny that is shown below.  That got me thinking…would fans prefer the new classic Benny on center field or the OS?  I think the new version of classic Benny is pretty good and if forced might lean towards him just ahead of the OS.

Another thing fans were adamant about is that they prefer a larger central logo like the angrybeaver was compared to something just between the 45 yard lines as Oregon uses.  While looking at replays of games I came to realize that stretching all the way from the 40-40 could be slightly excessive but that a logo from the 42-42, 42.5-42.5 or 43-43 would look very good with either the OS or new classic Benny.  Before it is too late I hope BDC decides to stretch the eventual painted on logo to atleast the 43 or 42.5 yard lines where it starts looking stronger to the eye.  At least at that distance it stands out very nicely and is not too small as it is between the 45s only.  I feel a small OS or central logo would not do anything to forward our brand and we have to show it off more proudly than that if we want to attract more recruits and fans to Oregon State.  Notice also that in the Cal image their logo indeed goes from the 43-43.

What do you think?  OS or new classic Benny for this year’s central logo?  From 42-42, 42.5-42.5 or 43-43 for the size?