BDC has talked a good game on a few episodes of the Joe Beaver show where he states fans ..."/> BDC has talked a good game on a few episodes of the Joe Beaver show where he states fans ..."/>

Will OSU fans get an open Truax this Fall?


BDC has talked a good game on a few episodes of the Joe Beaver show where he states fans have been adamant that they want an open Truax on Gamedays. Question is will he walk the walk and not just talk the talk? Will Truax actually be open to fans up to 3 hours prior to kickoff this Fall? My best guess is no. I also think it will go down as a major blunder by BDC and a poor appreciation of the level of fan frustration in poor on field results from Riley and a lack of urgency from BDC as head of the Athletic Department.

A couple astute Pure-Orange posters have commented that Riley will have a very short leash and should we not start quickly that fan rancor will quickly snowball. I believe these posters are spot on with the realities of the situation. Today while on Twitter I had to laugh at the comment from Lindsey Schnell. I think she takes the cake as apologist #1 right now. She is fine stating before the season starts that no matter how poorly Riley does she is hearing he should be okay. The FireMikeRiley blogger has it right that such statements are ridiculous. The trend has not only been going downhill, but going downhill fast and in large chunks. Riley is not #2 on the national college hot seat list for nothing. He is there because of the programs in major conferences he has one of the very worst declining performances over several seasons.

Tripbill from Pure-Orange said it best in his recent “Bowl or Bust” comment. His well stated words were “If OSU doesn’t make a bowl, any bowl, Riley should be gone. It shouldn’t even be a question.” Riley has all the opportunity in the world this year. It is up to him. We could have had a senior Ryan Katz who very likely would produce 6+ wins this season, but what we will get is Riley’s second year with Mannion in charge. It is Riley’s responsibility above anyone elses that his experiment be the right one this year. There is a strong case that Katz would have produced atleast one if not two more wins last year as Mannion’s interceptions and less elusive ability were costly. Mannion has some real strengths that I acknowledge but the bottom line is getting Wins and avoiding Losses. That is job #1 for every head coach.

I just was watching a replay of the Oregon Spring Game (they had a real game that drew about 44,200 fans) and I immediately took note of words Chip Kelly used while being interviewed. The main word I kept hearing again and again was Chip saying he was ‘confident.’ He was talking about his belief in his team to win every game they play and what their capabilities as a unit are. I have hardly ever heard Riley use that term and if he has it was not in regards to winning. No, I am sorry but Riley does not get a preseason pass with no importance placed on results. Rather, Riley has to put his big boy pants on and go out there and start winning some Pac-12 football games. Cliff from the GT is right about Riley games vs. new coaches being important and one reason is because it will quickly be apparent that a 1 year old Pac-12 coach can be just as effective as a 12 year excuse ridden old-timer who is stuck in his ways.

‘Fightingbeaver’ on angrybeavs also recently had many valid points. He talked about ‘beaverbeliver’ still being just as much of a beaver fan as any apologist. Truer words were never spoken. That is my case as well. I am a lifelong OSU fan regardless of who happens to be coach at the time. I will root for the players and team but should we have another lackluster year as I expect, I firmly will support what is best for Oregon State. Short of 7 wins, I believe that is without doubt to go in another direction and move on a hot upcomer like Justin Wilcox before another opportunity vanishes.  BDC already missed a legit shot at Leach because he was too lazy to pick up the phone.

If Riley truely thought OSU was worth its salt he would not ask its fans to accept mediocrity and worse. Riley is the guy who thought he deserved a near lifetime deal for scoring 3 points in a Sun Bowl and getting embarassed by BYU in a 5th place bowl. OSU fans need to think more highly of their potential then to act like 12 years for that has done anything for the program. Truth is, as of this moment we are in a lower place then we were back in 1998.  Today’s quote from former Big East commish John Marinatto is likely to be useful for OSU soon.  “I felt this was the right time to step aside and to let someone else lead us through the next chapter of our evolution.”