Based off the freshly installed logo on the new track infield, it appears the 'OS�..."/> Based off the freshly installed logo on the new track infield, it appears the 'OS�..."/>

OSU Marketing Changes for 2012


Based off the freshly installed logo on the new track infield, it appears the ‘OS’ logo will have more influence for 2012.  In addition, an OSU insider has seen drawings for what Reser field will look like this fall when new turf is installed that stretches all the way to the stands.  Like with the new track, there will be an ‘OS’ logo in the center of Reser.  The track pictures shows a bright orange which is a good color choice.  It is sharp and noticeable.   This insider also goes on to say that one endzone will say ‘Oregon State’ and the other ‘Beavers’.   This sounds okay but supposedly the font will be very similar to our current endzones which are not all that memorable.  Let’s consider the ramifications.

While I think the bright orange OS logo is a good choice for 2012, I still am interested in Tinker’s ideas, especially for the endzones.  I am a proponent of checkered endzones or Tinker’s expansion on that idea which he described as a possible Waffle Beaver tail design that he has done work on in the Innovation Kitchen.  Sticking with endzone designs for 2012 that are very much like the current ones seem like it will lessen the ability of the center OS logo to stand out even more and really pop.   A checkerboard pattern on the other hand would be all about the colors and pageantry and then allow the center ‘OS’ its highest ability to pop.  But if the insider is right and we won’t be getting that atleast for 2012, then hopefully the endzone font is done in a way that still allows the new ‘OS’ to pop overall.

I think having the same font as the ‘Oregon State’ from Gill, which is the same font as the ‘OS’ would be a far better choice then one modeled after the current Reser endzone font.  Then, with black endzones and the same bright orange, the stadium theme would be harmonious and compelling overall.  The ‘Beavers’ on the other endzone also should be this same font and thus match the look we see on the ‘Beavers’ home basketball jerseys.  Currently we have white lettering in the endzones and even though that could allow the orange ‘OS’ some distinction I believe it would be a mistake because we would end up with too little orange overall and miss out on unifying and firmly establishing our brand.  When the basketball court went to the orange ‘Oregon State’ instead of white it was a better fit for the brand image and the same would be true for football.

What never made alot of sense was returfing the stadium for 2012 when we are part of the Nike Graphics Identity group and are expecting tangible branding change for the Fall of 2013 as described by Bob De Carolis.  I don’t think it is too soon to let ‘OS’ have a bigger role but if we truly did switch to ‘OSU’ in Fall 2013 after one year of ‘OS’ on the center of Reser it would seem a little odd.  That could be De Carolis being unwilling to let ‘OS’ go since he helped implement it and likes it.  Regardless of the OS, OSU thing, there is still plenty of help that Nike and Tinker can provide so I do expect we see some aggressive branding come 2013 that may be most felt in the uniforms and their combinations.  One would be getting more creative with the endzones and making sure we do something worthy for them and not just treat them as an afterthought.  Overall, the current plans for the endzones don’t sound that special or that they will unite as well with the center logo as much as they should.  Props for the bright orange though.