One day after my initial writeup that Oregon State needs an aggressive new look, a fello..."/> One day after my initial writeup that Oregon State needs an aggressive new look, a fello..."/>

Hey BDC…It took fans 1 Day!


One day after my initial writeup that Oregon State needs an aggressive new look, a fellow Beav named Gman “tinkered” around with an image editor and came up with a look that blows away anything BDC has ever thought of.  For some reason BDC seems to think change like this takes 20 or 30 years to come to gradually.  I am not even sure under him that OSU would get it that quick.  That may be generous or wishful thinking.  BDC is running the Oregon St. Athletics Department like we are still in the silent movie era.  He is so slow to adapt one can imagine him favoring the three colored 70s tri-stripe for decades to come.

The folks at Nike are masters of photoshop, but the point is there are thousands of cool designs we could come up with that would put OSU Athletics on a much better trajectory and excite the fanbase.  Recruits would take notice and say ‘I would love to be the Ducks rival wearing those!”  It isn’t hard BDC.  It just takes any amount of effort at all.  If a multimillion dollar industry of OSU Athletics is not to be concerned with badly outdated branding and falling to the bottom of the Pac-12 with no hopes of BCS Bowls then what are we supposed to care about Bob?  These unis have 85-90% of what I am looking for in our next design.  You can’t put off the project because we are worried about perfection though.  A top notch and updated look like these contain will get the progress started.

I am OK with waiting until Fall 2013 to give Oregon St. one more year to improve its team.  One issue though is we were told both the practice fields and the Reser stadium turf were to get brand new installations this summer.  So if we really were going to do any branding changes that would seem the time.  I have heard a faint rumor that maybe the Reser field could be put off a year but have yet to hear any confirmation of that so it appears that it wil indeed be returfed as reported this summer.  So what does that mean Bob?

We still are going to use the angrybeaver with the silly script for 4 or more years at the center of Reser and you are going to handcuff the marketing efforts of Nike and our hoped for new look and uniforms by Fall 2013?  None of this seems like it is being handled by a man looking to push OSU forward.  BDC lacks the drive to make OSU into a perennial winner in the most important sport of football.   Football drives the entire department and does the most to forge the reputation of a school’s athletics and overall image as a leader for innovation and progress.

These new looks are what recruits expect and without them good luck matching the abilities of Oregon, Washington and Cal as they all have aggressive plans.  Heck, Wazzu is getting aggressive in football and is ready to leave the doormat for OSU.  BDC seems all too content.  Both he and Riley love the slow as snails approach since it means 6-6 is breaking expectations, extensions and a slap on the back.  I can live with BDC having some different ideas then many in Beaver Nation if he ever stated them or his vision to be successful and get to the BCS level our fans want.

BDC though never states hardly anything and has zero vision.  Instead of helping to come up with a look recruits would sign up for and reshape the image of OSU into a modern winner, he is sadly much more likely picking out which player from the 60s in basketball he wants a giant painting of in the new basketball practice facility.  One approach leads to multiple 4 star recruits and the other leads to offensive line walk ons and the most stale of all mindsets that sink the program into the depths of irrelevancy.  Why oh why any of this is tough for him or OSU makes absolutely no sense.   Gman had an idea in 1 day and I added a contrasting OS logo to the neck to finish off the look.  If the OS on the helmets had the carbon inlay I would be more than satisfied.

OSU probably would be in a Holiday Bowl in short order with these.  Leave it to BDC and Riley though to figure out how to max us out in Hunger Bowls.