-- Starting OG Josh Andrews will likely be out 4..."/> -- Starting OG Josh Andrews will likely be out 4..."/>

Riley gives Team Updates


— Starting OG Josh Andrews will likely be out 4 weeks minimum with an MCL and bone contusion to the knee.

 — Mike Riley said the bye week is critical because the Beavs need to have 3 good practice sessions this week.  The Beavs have Monday off and will go Tu, Wed, Th. After that the coaches will hit the road for some recruiting on the weekend, and then get back into a normal practice week in advance of UCLA.

 — Riley said the Beavs did nice things up front defensively, the one thing they did well that stood out to him. Feti Unga, Andrew Seumalo and others among the front seven all came in for praise from Riley.

— “Offensively, I thought we were totally sporadic…We didn’t run the ball well at all and that was the tale of the game,” said Riley.

— Riley said the Beavs did not win the matchups in the running game, physically on the offensive line, and that helped to spell doom.

— Riley said there were some “major league blunders” on special teams. And the Beavs did not play nearly as well as they’re capable of in pass defense. “We left guys uncovered there yesterday,” said Riley, noting they were assignment errors that can and will be fixed.

 — Michael Lamb and Grant Enger will be competing to replace him.

 — Jordan Bishop (ankle) and Markus Wheaton (ribs) Riley thinks will be fine. Other than them and Andrews, there were no other significant injuries, said Riley.

 — As for how the Beavs swapped out the QBs with Sean Mannion and Ryan Katz, during a drive or even in a series of downs, that will not be done again.  “I didn’t particularly feel great about how that went for either guy…alternating them like that, I don’t think we’ll do that again,” said Riley.

— Riley reiterated he thinks H-Back Joe Halahuni will be cleared and ready to go for UCLA.  And they’ll take this week to talk to the doctors and see how things go with WR James Rodgers.

— As for the morale on the team, Riley said he told them it’s all about attitude now. Riley said he worries about it, and he told the leaders on the team they need to lead their teammates, focus on the future and work hard.

— “I’ve got good people here,” said Riley of his coaching staff and their energy. He said they’re determined to help the players improve and play the way they’re capable of. If they do that, he firmly believes the Beavs can be a “pretty good team” this year.

 — “We’re going to focus on having good practices, and then we’ll get to the recruiting on the weekend,” said Riley of the bye week.

 –He also said the new recruiting rules allow them to send all their coaches on the road at one time – previously the rules limited that number to 7 maximum coaches at any one time.