I believe Mannion can learn alot more from Wisconsin than Katz would. With Katz it will j..."/> I believe Mannion can learn alot more from Wisconsin than Katz would. With Katz it will j..."/>

Mannion should start at Wisconsin, beyond


I believe Mannion can learn alot more from Wisconsin than Katz would. With Katz it will just be excuses and an ugly loss. Mannion would get better as the game went along and learn much more. He could then be better positioned to win against PAC teams beginning with UCLA. I much prefer going with Mannion for the rest of the season. To me Katz is done unless Mannion struggles. Mannion has a better head on his shoulders and the extra couple inches of height make a difference for throwing over the line and not having as many passes knocked down.

Mannion is better at managing a game and is focused on the end result. Katz thinks it matters if he tries something, anything. Mannion realizes any time you are not winning and keeping the offense on the field, especially with our crappy pass defense, the Beavers are in trouble. Katz is all too ready to throw dink passes and come short on third down. Then we get scored on again and it is too hard to come back especially as our opponents get better. You need compusure at QB and Katz scores low there. Mannion isn’t the fastest guy but he already has the respect of the team and is more of a man and far better leader in my opinion than Katz.

Mannion showed he can be a leader and I liked the way he sounded in the post-game interview. This is a guy ready to step up. Katz doesn’t have the leadership it takes at the position. Mannion does and we should be investing fully in him now. We will be best as the season progresses if we do so and also far better next year. Mannion has better chemistry with Agnew and most of the receivers too. The line has a better idea of what he wants to do and is more willing to push hard. Katz mostly leaves them scratching their head.

I watched Mannion play a great high school game after he committed to Oregon State.  Both quarterbacks were good and I believe the other guy was being pursued by UCLA.  It went back and forth but I thought Mannion was a bit better.  Both managed the game well and competed admirably.  Mannion got the W in the end and he was a good leader then and has that trait.  He controlled what he could.  He could not help that the other quarterback was good except getting the most out of his offense and being a leader for the team.  He threw for almost 500 yards if I rememeber correctly and 5 TDs I think.  The other guy probably over 400 and 4 TDs.

If we want to feel better about where we are headed we need to give the reigns to Mannion now because of those leadership qualities.  Katz lacks confidence and does not lead the team appropriately.  Let Mannion and Agnew and our younger guys develop this together.  This will turn out better than Craig Roboinson and his focusing on the young guys because Mannion is a truer leader than what basketball has.  Agnew also has the right stuff to understand what it takes.  Sadly Katz does not.