Where’s the Orange and Black at Oregon State?


Image has ‘original’ in the title as was official lookLindsey Schnell of the Oregonian wrote a comment today about the Beavers wearing black on Saturday and also had a little more info which sounds troubling if true. She stated “The Beavers have three uniform options available and before you ask, there will be NO mixing and matching. They’ll wear black at home, white on the road and break out the orange uniforms for two games this season. They haven’t decided which games yet.” Ouch! Where’s the Orange and Black that was Nike’s single most prominently displayed image for the rebranding? This image was part of all the original official rebrand images and also used in an “Unleash Speed” campaign. Maybe Lindsey is slightly wrong and we may get it for the Civil War or USC, but then to only get all orange once would be almost as disappointing. Legally you can wear orange on the road as it is considered light enough and the Beavers have done this in past Civil War games. If the Orange and Black look which is as traditional in school colors as any combo we thought we were getting does not show up this year it will be very disappointing. Most OSU fans thought that we had atleast 4 looks even if this one was likely to be only seen once a year. Indeed, the image shown here even has ‘original’ in its title as all official images upon the rebranding release did.

So after all this rebranding we now have less combos than before. Why are the players being ignored who have said they WANT to mix it up some. Most of us were expecting BDC would be a grinch on anything beyond the official release images for 2013, but to yank one away from us that is as quintessential Oregon State as it gets just seems wrong. We have the unis so the only thing in the way is BDC underestimating that fans and players want a little more variety. The Orange and Black combo could be used very well to not overdo the all blacks and especially would work well for hot early September games and when wanting to inject a little more school color pride and flair. The fans with common sense figured 3 home games with all black, 2 with all orange, and 1 with orange and black would have been about perfect. Instead we are getting twice as much of the all black even though the all orange polled quite a bit higher in a poll of favorite new uniform combos. Stuck in a bad place now, with supposedly just two games with orange, I lean to making one of the orange uses the traditional school colors look of orange and black, but don’t like that the all black gets so much more exposure in comparison. We already were let down with the tartan endzones being axed by BDC over Tinker’s plans and black unis on black endzones with white fonts means there won’t be as much color pop in Reser Stadium this fall as their ought to be.