Unlike atleast half the people out there, I am feeling more confident the final product w..."/> Unlike atleast half the people out there, I am feeling more confident the final product w..."/>

Confident OSU’s new look will be good


Unlike atleast half the people out there, I am feeling more confident the final product will be a good one.  OSU needs an edgier look and to be a cooler thought of school nationally. I think the rebranding is going to help that.  Part of the mixed opinions, with some people not liking the design is resistance to change.  Thing is that has been what OSU has been and what hasn’t been working good enough. OSU right now is too stale.  You want to be much more on the cutting edge in today’s college football world if you want any chance of landing multiple 4 star recruits or better and aren’t Alabama or LSU or several other traditional powerhouse programs.  BDC has kept OSU too far behind the times for too long.  This is a healthy step and a few years from now I agree with a post on pure-orange that this logo would have 80+ approval.   Some people aren’t imagining the full concept well enough to understand that this will actually be a slick look.

This helmet mockup is a look that is interesting and will excite more 18 year old recruits and the younger generation that OSU should and needs to be targeting.  As Gary Payton so rightly pointed out “Recruits like new stuff. They don’t like old stuff.”  If you take this helmet with a cool OSU at center field (what I expect) it is going to be a strong look.  Then add in some well designed and cool endzones that have some checkerboard inspired beaver tail waffle design or similar and the whole thing will be powerful.  It will be a look that will serve OSU well for another 10+ years which is about the lifetime of these things and all it needs to be.  I for one will be glad to see this logo on the helmets and maybe the upper pants because that is the only place we will normally see it besides perhaps in some TV graphics.  The basketball court could go with this logo as the primary and save the OSU for primary for the football field.  That could go either way and there are arguments for both.  Personally I actually think I would go with the Beaver for the basketball court in more of a Florida fashion.

The truth is we are expected to keep the Reser logos even though many think they are pointless.  This Beaver logo therfore most likely WILL NOT be on the actual football field. It is a stylized design meant primarily for the helmet.  You have to understand how the whole image works when watching the game live in person or on TV.  The OSU and the endzones will have an even bigger impact in that respect and the whole thing will meld into a solid whole.  I am confident fo that with this exact design or even if there are minor changes to it.  It is a definite improvement over the current logo or even classic Benny when we are truly honest about trends that will be occuring for the next 10+ years. With the design we get we have to start towards the cutting edge to not be dated within a few years. That is why within a couple years I anticipate fully that the look will be very liked after we have some more 8-10 win seasons in the uniforms and playing on our newly designed field.

Have some faith. Change seems a little much right at the start but then quickly becomes the norm.  There are good elemets in this design for a helmet logo that fits the helmet well and allows either a slightly blown up logo like the mockup or slightly smaller like the orange version here.  The Nation is going to see a bold OSU at mid field, some slick endzones that are more unique than anywhere else in the country and improved helmets and unis that bring the whole concept together.  Having an understanding of the individual pieces that make up the overall design we are likely to get will make you realize that OSU is likely going to have something with elements of the Baltimore Ravens that has a bold design in the middle and other bold imagery around it to pull off a look that fans can actually very much get behind when the games begin.  That is a good team to model after but in my opinion we have the potential to be the Ravens 2.0 where the whole concept is actually pulled off even better.   Look at the clues of all that we have coming and you’ll see that the design and effect will be strong and of the current generation as it should be. We need this at Oregon State to attract recruits, be more nationally talked about and increase our odds of regularly contending for Pac-12 championships and the national playoffs moving forward.