Oregon State Whips BYU for 5-0!! #BeaverJuice


Oregon State played a solid game on both offense and defense and broke free late in the 2nd half to take a commanding 42-24 victory over BYU! Vaz looked very sharp on his first series as he calmly delivered pinpoint passes for OSU’s first TD. On his next scoring drive he threw a beautiful lob TD ball to Wheaton. After that the offense was a bit flustered by the Cougar defense for awhile and the game went into halftime tied 14-14. In the second half VAz had to refind a rythym and his confidence and OSU came up with a couple of big drives and TDs that put them up 28-21.

BYU was able to get a field goal to get within 28-24 but after that Vaz delivered what appeared to be a TD pass to Cooks. After catching the ball with a foot in bounds he had the ball all the way through contact with the ground and only after that did the DB strip the ball. The DB was grabby in his coverage though, without looking back and was flagged for pass interference. On the very next play OSU did a double reverse to Cooks and then Wheaton who broke free amongst a couple key blocks, including one from Vaz for a spirited TD that put OSU fairly comfortable ahead 35-24. On BYU’s next series a Riley Nelson pass bounced off the receivers hands and up into the arms of an opportunistic Jordan Poyer who ran it in for the final score of the game which ended at 42-24.

OSU then literally sent a representative to the Provo In-N-Out for an order of 275 double-doubles and 150 large fries. I made a promise to myself when the game was tied 7-7 that if the Beavs won I would go get some #BeaverJuice tees tomorrow in Portland. One black that can be worn for the Utah and Cal blackout games and one orange for the majority of games for years to come. One side note was Storm Woods spraining his knee early in the 2nd half. He did not return but indications look good that he will be able to recover fine for Utah. A superb effort by Oregon State and one that now has the Beavers with their best start to a season since 1939. If they keep it up for Utah a Holiday Bowl or better looks very promising for this team and the sky is still the limit! Animal style!