OSU Onside Kick Call was 100% Correct


The official touching rule for an onside kick:
Players on the kicking team cannot touch a kicked ball until a player on the receiving team touches it or it crosses the receiving team’s restraining line, located 10 yards away. Players on the kicking team cannot block a player on the receiving team until the ball travels 10 yards or touches a player on the receiving team. If a receiving team player blocks a kicking team player into the ball before it goes 10 yards, you disregard this rule.

I have the game on DVR and have viewed it multiple times to make sure the decision is absolutely correct. What really happened is this. A Wisconsin team player, #34, running to the left of the kicker, hit the OSU player, #8 before the ball went 10 yards.  Only after this hit does #8’s leg appear to touch the ball.  The entire ball has to go beyond the restraining line and watching the video it is questionable if even the tip made it that far before the illegal hit. #34/Wisconsin is not allowed to touch OSU/#8 until OSU has touched the ball or it goes 10 yards. End of story, done. The call is absolutely the right one.

After that the kicker, #94 touched the ball before it travelled 10 yards. While the call could have been explained more clearly, the end ruling was the usual language so I think there was preference to just say that instead of illegal block before the ball had travelled 10 yards. The video also is tough in that just as the tip of the ball (not the entire ball as is required) approaches the restraining line it goes backward.  Just before the illegal block, it is possible the kicker may also have just barely touched the ball or even the blocker with the illegal block before the ball travelled 10 yards.

The cold hard fact from reveiwing it about 10 times now is the ball never travelled 10 yards during the entire play and was never live for the defense to get because of the illegal contact. Only after the kicker touches it after this illegal contact, again clearly before 10 yards, and the scrum ensues does the ball ever go 10 yards. Essentially, the probable kick of the ball by OSU #8, is null and void, because he was hit before the ball had travelled the needed 10 yards. Thus the kicker touching it early is still touching it early.

OSU earned the win in complete fashion and every OSU, Wisconsin and college football fan can be certain, without any doubt that the call was correct and is indeed indisputable by clear video evidence.