DISH officially adds Pac-12 Networks! (Live Now)


It’s a great day to be a DISH Network subscriber.  Sensing an opportunity to land tens if not hundreds of thousands of new loyal Dish fans, Charlie Ergen has officially added the Pac-12 Networks to Dish and I am watching it now!  This is a great move by Larry Scott in my opinion.  If DirecTV didn’t want to be first, then let their rival take the cake and earn plenty of new subscribers.  Now all Dish subscribers can have access to Pac-12 National and get their daily and weekly doses of Pac-12 action.  I woke up this morning and it was just like Christmas morning to have the Pac-12 Network on a day with so many conference games being played!

This is a well timed counterstrike by Scott with this deal.  You have to imagine this will put alot of extra pressure on DirecTV to also add it reasonably soon and for our cable partners to feel more heat to get it into cities like Chicago and DC or risk losing subs.  Dish subcribers should all give themselves a pat on the back for having faith that content they expressed loudly that they wanted, have successfully had their voices heard and we now have the Pac-12 Networks picked up by a provider who cares.  Dish publicly saying they see the value in the Pac-12 Networks and knowing it is something Pac-12 fans and many of its customers are passionate about was the telling sign that we would soon get the Networks and I couldn’t be happier that it came this weekend, surpassing what many believed may have to wait for next week’s contests.

Use the link below to express your satisfaction that the Pac-12 Networks have been added and tell all your DirecTV friends to call the number below to sign up with a satellite provider who values the Pac-12 Networks like you do!

Call DISH at 1-888-926-5457  (Clearly let them know how much you want Pac-12 Networks!)

(Congrats fans!!  The many thousands of calls got this deal finalized earlier than some, as expressed in the Friday update, thought we would. In addition to Channel 413, there is also Ch. 445 and 446 for games!)

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