Pac-12 Networks: Push for Dish & DirecTV


Across the Pac-12 fans are getting nervous about if the Dish Network and DirecTV will be added in time for the 8-15-2012 Pac-12 Networks official launch. The Dish Network added the Big Ten Network in the final week or two before it launched and most experts have always stated this would likely be a mid to late summer annoucement before we hear if these networks will be carrying from the start. Charter Cable is another major provider in Southern Oregon also in active talks with the Pac-12.

DirecTV CEO Michael White recently was quoted as saying: “We’re not going to have seven channels — I can assure you of that.” In the end the Pac-12 and all its fans will be best served if the Pac-12 Nets are on as many providers as possible. I personally have Dish and am clinging to belief that Dish will support its Pac-12 fans as much as B1G fans. These conferences have a major alliance so Dish needs to carry both to please all its West coast and Pac-12 territory subscribers. I think there is a good chance both will carry the National Network before the season starts but the 6 regional networks will probably be an extra tier and it may take some time for all to be available widely on the satellite providers. It sounds like the national and Pac-12 Network Oregon will be available to Oregon Comcast subscribers so people with cable and the better local sports bars should be safe bets.

Fans of sports like soccer, volleyball, track and the better gymnastics programs will have new access they have never had in the past that should make the competition all the more intense and rivalistic. Expect many high quality shots from every campus that will showcase all the exciting new venues being built and improved like the new Cal and Husky Stadium and Oregon State’s new, soon to be built basketball practice facility. Hopefully the first two years will be such a big success that BDC wakes up and quits wasting money on a silly study to put lipstick on a 30 year dated Reser West Side and will realize we have to showcase OSU in the best light for the next couple decades plus and that means pressing forward with Reser Phase 3 by 2017.

The below video is a taste of the production value you can expect from the Pac-12 Nets. It is an exciting time in Pac-12 history and the smart programs are taking full advantage. Let’s hope Oregon State plans on keeping up with the pack and not getting left in the back.