OSU vs. Washington (Pac-12 Tourney)


Today’s game at Noon versus the Huskies represents a chance to defeat the Pac-12 champions in a tournament setting.  If OSU pulled out the victory I believe they would get consideration for the NIT and it may just be enough to get them in the field.  It would be a very high quality win.

Yesterday’s game against the Cougs was back and forth for much of it but Oregon State made their late push at exactly the right time and did it by enough of a margin that it made it difficult for Wazzu and helped OSU feel good about finishing the victory.  Eric Moreland and Devon Collier both had great games and Joe Burton also played smart when it mattered most.  I was a little suprised they didn’t try getting Starks to hit a couple more down the stretch but I believe it was a wise move by Robinson.  Starks can get hot and they got that to open the game, but when he is finding it again, you can sometimes pay too high a price in multiple jump shots trying to find the sweet spot again.  OSU instead used Moreland more to find Collier in good post position and based off his field goal % that was clearly the higher % option at key moments and the difference in winning.

It was great having Gary Payton and AC Green sitting next to eachother rooting on the Beavs.  I don’t buy that it was much of a distraction for Cunningham.  Wazzu put alot into shutting him down and I think it intimidated Wazzu a bit in all honesty.  Cunningham is suposed to work out with Payton for 2 months this summer and it seems very likely he will be back and in position to be a superior leader next year.  Beating the Huskies will be a challenge and starts with limiting Wroten and Ross.  Then limit threes from CJ Wilcox and Abdul Gaddy.  It will take  a great game to beat UW but Oregon State is plenty capable.  The line is only 4 points in the Huskies favor.   If OSU wants to let the conference know their program is for real and on the rise as a real threat they need to find the will to win today.

The NIT would have enough reason to consider the Beavs if we can pull it off and if Robinson could get the Beavs to the NIT this year he will have achieved that renaissance of Beaver Basketball he wants.  Go Beavs!