Idaho @ Oregon St.


This game should not be close. I expect Oregon State to respond to the tragic death of Fred Thompson with a strong showing in his honor. These types of sad events can often raise the emotion and if players want to respond in the very best way they will deliver a demanding victory.

Oregon State Hoops is on the rise and things look very good so far. The level of competition is pretty mediocre until PAC-12 play begins Dec 29th at Washington. What we should be looking for in this game is further development in ways that will help when PAC play begins. To me that means further improvement and a growing understanding from Moreland that he is a key contributor for this team. That is not taking anything away from Burton or Brandt, just that we need Moreland to clearly reveal his presence every game.

I enjoyed seeing Starks playing like a leader last game. It is a fine line since we have athletes spread about and we want them all involved but Starks stepped up and played like a champ. He had hints of a Payton like attitude which was great.

I also still want to see Cunningham expect to get 20 points just about every game. He will have to be one of the three most important leaders for this team when things get tougher so there is no reason he shouldn’t be getting 20+ now against weaker competition. We need his confidence to remain high.  Collier needs to also show a little more growth.   He is a force and perhaps our second most reliable threat.  If he can get just a little more aggressive and confident it could be a key for a NCAA postseason bid for OSU.

Idaho was a middle of the pack team last year, posting a 18-14 overall record and a 9-7 WAC record. This year they have won 4 of their first 8 games, but their only impressive competition was Washington State, which they lost to by 2 in their last game.

Idaho ranks 23rd in the nation with a field goal percentage of 49%. The Vandals offense averages 71 points per game. Most their scoring comes from the trio of Deremy Geiger, Stephen Madison, and Kyle Barone with each averaging 12-13 points a game. Add in PG Landon Tatum (7.5 ppg, 4.5 apg) and that is by far the main thrust of their offense.

I see OSU leading this 40-26 at halftime and winning it 80-55. This will be around a 25 point near blowout as Oregon State continues its path to a hopeful NCAA appearance. Tonight is for Fred and the healing of Oregon State. Go out and make all of Beaver Nation proud as we improve to 7-1 and the Orange Express legend continues to look like it will be reborn.

Oregon St. 80, Idaho 55