Q & A with Husky Haul on UW-OSU showdown


Our Husky affiliate answered some “keys to the game” questions prior to tomorrow’s UW-OSU showdown:

Q:  What are the strengths for Washington? 

A:  The obvious strength for Washington is the dynamic and powerful back they have in Chris Polk. He is amazing and the nation knows it. However, some under radar strengths include the receivers as they are very talented and UW is really deep at that position. Also, stopping the run up the middle has been fairly consistent for UW this year, there were a few setbacks, but all in all Alameda Ta’Amu is very disruptive in the run game and closing down holes.

Q:  What are the weaknesses? 

A:  The problem has been against backs that can make quick cuts and get to the outside. The passing defensive hasn’t been very effective. However, when UW allows a lot of passing yards against them they have found ways to win all of those games. It has been when the run defense was off that UW has lost. An obvious weakness for this game would be going into the game without Keith Price, the starting quarterback.

Q:  Who do you see as a matchup problem for the Beaver defense?

A:  Chris Polk, hands down. I just don’t see the Beavers defense being able to stop him on a consistent basis for an entire game. He is just too much to handle. The best way to make him ineffective is to get up early on the Huskies and make it so they aren’t running as much.

Q:  How do the Husky fans treat this game going in? Easy win? Tough Game? 

A:  Husky fans are treating this game as a win. Not an easy win but a win. Many assume even with Montana in the game that the Beavers just aren’t good enough to beat them. This is not a cocky approach in anyway because of the beatings the Huskies have taken lately, but more of they see this as a “must-win” and a “should-win” game.

Q:  How well do you think Nick Montana will do in his first start? 

A:  We have seen so little of the red-shirt freshman that it is really hard to tell what exactly will happen in a real game scenario over an extended period of time. He has seen a little bit of playing time this season, some of it was good, some of it was bad. He will probably make a few freshman mistakes and have to overcome those. However, at the same time Coach Sarkisian is a terrific play caller and will play to the strengths of Montana. That should help.

Q:  What is your prediction for the game? 

A:  I am going to say that UW pulls this out by a touchdown and a field goal. 30-20. Just don’t see enough from Oregon State this season to warrant a win against the Huskies. However, it won’t be an easy win for Washington- a battle for the majority of the game.