Do you support a PAC-14 with the Oklahoma schools?


For future expansion there is debate as to whether we should go to 14 first.  Each expansion has to be able to stand on its own in case you decide not to expand further for awhile.  The Oklahoma schools present an interesting opportunity in this respect.  All future PAC expansion, to work appropriately, seems to be tied to OU being the anchor of the East division. This would be true with or without Texas in the picture because Texas coming would be much more likely with OU and Texas does not want to go anywhere else except maybe indy.  With the OK schools in we protect our future interests while strengthening our position.  OU gets a great path to the National Championship and would be part of a true power conference.  They would be likely to host plenty of CCGs in Norman which would help to greatly expand and expose our brand into the Southwest heartland.  Divisions would have to be worked out.  Either Utah would move North or perhaps better in my opinion would be if UCLA moved into a new East division.

I think the name East will better fit the national imagination for our divisions and each division will get to have access to the LA schools every year.  The USC-UCLA game would be protected and OU gets to really be in the driver seat in that division as concession for forming the PAC-14.  OSU could win the East crown by beating OU.  Plus it allows an annual USC-Oregon game which has become a blockbuster.  UCLA has always played alot in the Southwest so I think it fits their image better.  That part is a little tricky but could be ironed out.  Both divisions would have plenty of appeal and great recruiting inroads.  With a powerful PAC and SEC , Texas will either join on equal terms later with TT or maybe TT and KU or another combo comes in that everyone is satisfied with.  But the beauty is that this 14 team league could stand very well on its own and we could stay with it for as long as needed from an ideal position of strength.