Will a Duck Fall Bring a Beavers Rise?


This year looks to be a challenging one for Oregon State yet certainly full of opportunity.  Those chances could rise when we find out more on the aftermath of Oregon recruiting violations.  Many questions such as “Can Chip Kelly survive this?”,  “How many lost scholarships will there be?”, “Will any seasons be vacated?” and “How many years is UO banned from bowls?” remain to be answered.  We do expect this though.  It is very likely that Oregon will be facing some kind of sanctions for 2012 and 2013.  There is also a chance they won’t be allowed to play in a bowl this year if the NCAA decides not to wait til the off-season to rule.  So far the recruiting class for 2012 is off to a strong start.  The quality is there.  WR recruit Malik Gilmore is working on high school teammate Darius Powe to try to lure him.  They were an amazing WR tandem in high school and if we could get that chemistry it would be ideal.  OSU in also in the mix for WR Kenny Lawler.  Both Powe and Lawyer also competed at Nike’s ‘The Opening’ camp.  This is sounding more and more like an air raid philosophy from new WR coach Brent Brennan.

If Oregon State can just keep up the higher quality recruiting we have seen so far in the Pac-12 era it will allow them to challenge to take over the Ducks top spot in the North next year should they get hit with considerable sanctions.  Stanford will be losing Andrew Luck and most analysts don’t expect new coach David Shaw to be anywhere near as potent as was Jim Harbaugh.  This will give the Beavers and Huskies the chance to have a great shot at the Pac-12 North crown.  It is up to Riley, Brennan, Banker and Langsdorf to seize this moment.  It should not be a hard sell to show how OSU has a great opportunity to grab control for a couple years or more.  Give them the facts that the State of Oregon has been the leader of the Pac-10 for a number of years now.  Also that we are the center of the Pac-12 North and a natural focal point for that reason.  Share the long history of the university, but make it clear we are focused on the present and an exciting future.  Don’t be afraid to go for more as a program and push for greatness.  It can still be done the right way with a passionate, tight-knit and dedicated group all working toward the same goal of Oregon State Rose Bowls.  We are at an especially unique moment of opportunity for OSU and it must be seized with energy by Riley and all of Beaver Nation.  Oregon State has a chance to rise to the top with hard work, solid recruiting and making the most of these moments right now and those that will soon follow.