A look at Duck comments to Canzano


"you are screwed, pal. Oregon is done with you and given that it is a bigger product than the Blazers in Oregon, you essentially have no product.Oh, July 26-ever heard of no comment-it’s about the same as using rat bait on rodents, it will work fine on reporters.you will be kept clear of Kelly…god you blew it… a couple of cheap headlines (you lack the integrity to stand back and do the right thing-the easy thing is too enticing) you remind me of the dork that made out with the cheerleader-just couldn’t help but tell a few tall tales could you, clownand now one of the pieces of advice Mike Bellotti gave Chip Kelly as he left Oregon is going to now be followed to the letter.Oregon is so far out in front of you and your ilk it is almost comical"

"Canzano, you lack real world business and sports experience. Do you honestly think UO doesn’t have the smarts to know the best way to proceed with this and the NCAA? Honestly? They don’t owe you anything. You act like you as a sports writer have to be “answered to.” It is just getting ugly to keep hearing your attitude. Oregon doesn’t march to your drum. In fact, if you think about it, no one does. You are at the whim of your employer….you don’t run anything, own anything, coach anything or play anything. All you have is your imagination and your desire to jump to conclusions. It must be nice to sit on that mountain of finger pointing…. I bet Chip and everyone at UO read your article and went running into a strategy session to figure out what they need to do next because you “say it is so.”……or maybe not. I can see your next headline…”Kelly won’t text me back – he must be guilty – or worse yet maybe he doesn’t like me – boo hoo.”"

"The part of this I’m really looking forward to is reading all the teeth-gnashing, apocalyptic comments from Beav fans when this whole thing turns into a great big nothing. That will be almost as good as denying them another shot at the Rose Bowl. I can’t wait. Gonna be priceless."

"Canzano has proven over the last week that he is more interested in attention than what is really going on here. I used to respect Canzano and was an avid follower of his program and RG stories. I have always appreciated his viewpoints and aggressive stances.I honestly can’t believe what Canzano has been doing. He has somewhat of a personal association with Coach Kelly (Coach Kelly liked him and would talk openly with him) and Canzano exploited the trust Coach Kelly put him to fuel a fire to bring Coach Kelly and the Ducks Football program down.The only evidence we have here is the word of a guy (Willie) that is quite obviously jaded because he screwed up and lost his business. It is “neon sign” obvious that Mr. Lyles took the stand point of: If I’m going down, I’m gonna try to take as many people down with me as I can.It is a really pitty that Canzano is using his influence to help Mr. Lyles do just this."

"John, you bring up time and again that Chip Kelly lied to you. Says who, you? And lets assume for discussion purposes that Kelly did lie to you, who cares. Nobody much less the NCAA cares what you and Kelly discussed and did or didn’t say to each other. Not relevant, at all. And if I were Kelly I wouldn’t give you the time of day any more. You better hope this leads to a job elsewhere because I would imagine you are persona non grata at Oregon at this point. At least I hope so."

"Are you kidding me? Canzano, you wouldn’t know the truth if your editor sat you down like child and explained to you.And your idiotic schtick has nothing to do with finding the truth anyway. it’s all about YOU and attempting to stir the pot, drive up any readership, or YOU attempting to get some face time on espn to tell more lies? What’s funny is that YOU seem to think the University of oregon somehow has to answer to you. No one marches to your drumbeat moron. No one.Oh and by the way…who are you cheating on this current wife with? Don’t ever talk about wanting the truth canzano. You’re the biggest liar around."

"Wow, Keep it classy JC, i used to hate masochistically choking my way through your articles but now its kind of fun because i get to read a bunch of “nobodies,” as someone on one of these posts put it, totally dissect your lunacy. There was a point and time when i thought your brand of sensationalism was intentional, to perhaps sell papers or gin up an audience of moronic sycophants, but now seeing how desperate your disses (see above) are to your naysayers on a comments page is truly hilarious and entertaining. This is better than Jerry Springer, actually no its not because I think you have created a new genre of sports journalism that isn’t metacognative of its own agenda and therefore does not know how to profit off of its idiocy. If you could only figure out how to make a go of it on reality television you might be able to make a fortune for yourself… ha."

"I feel that Willie Lyles is to Oregon/Chip as Heidi was to LaMichael…. a jilted ex trying to get revenge. Many people are talking about Chip Kelly’s reputation being ruined… He’s going to do exactly how LaMichael had to do, turn a deaf ear to all the speculative talk and everyone who had an opinion who was not directly involved, and focus on coaching and football. So is everyone else involved in the football program. Hell, LaMichael is a pro at it by now…"

"Oh My Gosh JC, I just watched your interview on ESPN and I laughed out loud. You acted like a baby. I can’t believe the Oregonian keeps you on cause your so childish. Lets keep talking while others are talking just for a bit longer, geez. If I was running the Oregonian I would be embarrassed. The other guys on that show must of be thinking who is this loser."

"Got to love all the haters! ” Beavers, Huskies” You guys just want the giant to get knocked down so your team has a chance at winning. If it were me I wouldn’t want to beat a gimpy team! I would want to be a healthy team. To be the best you got to beat the best. You shouldn’t want a program in your confrence to take a big hit just so it makes your programs path to prominence easier. Another thing is if all the top dogs in the pac 12 are down like USC and Oregon being the 2 biggest it just makes the pac 12 look bad compared to the SEC power teams. We all should want our pac 12 to be one of the best if not the best confrences out there. I feel bad for USC and Ohio st. who has kids on there teams that have to suffer for what someone else did. The fans have to suffer too for something they had no part of.You ”haters” should not want oregons fans and the players on the team that did nothing wrong to suffer. What dose that say for what kinda person you are? Think about it! In my opinion , Oregon worked in a grey area that most other programs do. I could care less. That’s how the ncaa is now days. Your just trying to sale your program to a kid. All programs do it. If oregon directly paid a recruit to come to oregon than that’s one thing. It’s not your grand dads ncaa anymore. NCAA needs to change the rules on that area. As far as Chip kelly goes. If he lied to the NCAA that’s worse than working in the grey area. There’s probably not one program in the country who hasn’t recruited in the grey area at some point. The NCAA has become a billion dollar business and rules need to change. There’s alot of money being made off these kids… So quit casting stones untill the truth has came out. You shouldn’t cast stones anyway. Wrong or right! Everybody makes mistakes… Through thick or thin I’m gonna support the Oregon ducks!"