Make Your Pick! Who to take for a Pac-16?


As a follow up to the prior post, I want to gauge the feeling of Beaver Nation should Scott get four more teams to round out a Pac-16. Who would you want and what teams would allow us to best match or even beat the SEC?

My preference for simplicity would probably be the original targeted Texas foursome. But like Scott I want to get what I absolutely really want. I would have to say it would be Texas, A&M, OU and the other OSU. I have a soft spot in my heart for Texas Tech since they were so excited at the potential of the proposed superconference before, but the Houston market and more traditional rivalry would make me give an edge to A&M over TT.

That gap narrows when I contemplate game theory and how the SEC could feel threatened without atleast A&M for a Texas foothold of their own. So in the end it remains a tough call. Make sure the SEC atleast gets thrown a good bone, or go for it all yourself? I for one would not like to have to pick up MWC teams if the SEC somehow took two or more of our targeted teams. I want A&M, but since they partially were to blame for messing up things last time, how hard do we really push for them?

TT is the most western of the Big 12 teams and even with A&M in the SEC the balance between the SEC and Pac-16 would be very good. Other mentions have been perhaps Kansas could replace Oklahoma St or that MU is even an outside shot. Trying to separate OU from the other OSU would not be without problems. For Scott to get his teams he needs to have a concise plan well thought out in advance. I might even suggest maybe conceding A&M and having a Treaty of Versailles or Crimea-Yalta Conference like moment where the Big 3 of the Pac-12, SEC and Big Ten sit down and come up with a superconference plan with geographic borders and balance drawn up as good as they can be. That will be best for college football with incredible games and rivalries all across the nation.