Possible 2013 Reser design

Oregon State painted its center logo and endzones in 2012, so that for 2013 we will likely have ‘OSU’ and it will be diagonal and look darn good with enhanced endzones.  I believe either orange and black checkered endzones or what Tinker has described as a beaver tail waffle design may be best but I also feel black and white “victory” endzones to provide more stark contrast with a bright orange OSU central logo would also work well.

The black and white would have maximum contrast and then the orange OSU, as long as it is large enough, will pop extremely well and overall it would be very slick and full of motif. It would become instantly talked about and recognized as unique to OSU.  It is such a powerful vibe that it would get OSU discussed nationally and the victory angle is exactly what scoring touchdowns is all about.  Below is the concept.

Ignore the imperfections and just try imagining it.  It would also be very good with orange and black for the checkers but try to just imagine it this way cause I believe it would be instantly memorable across the nation and portray a great winning image for OSU for our national telecasts. Noone else has victory endzones. You could put orange “Oregon State’ and ‘Beavers’ on top of the design if desired and it would still look great.

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  • OS_Beaver

    I think the angrybeaver or a redesigned beaver secondary logo where the Reser logos are would actually work pretty good and max out the sportiness.  That could replace the need to have ‘Beavers’ in any of the endzones and keep the entirety as crisp and revved up as possible.

  • OS_Beaver

    We should rethink the Reser logos on the field itself.  They don’t help our cred as a power player in conference or nationally.  It is fine that the stadium is named after Reser and we could put the logo on the side(s) of the videoboard or at intervals on the video screen, but I wouldn’t spend the field real estate on it since it does next to nothing for the Oregon State brand itself.  Very few people or recruits across the country would be impressed with or remember it, but they might like a beaver secondary logo that enhances our identity.  And if other teams’ fans in conference like using it as a joke, why have it for a field graphic?

  • thembeavers

    instead of an OSU I’d go with an OS in the middle of the filed 

    • OS_Beaver

      Oregon St. has some history with the diagonal OSU.  I am just a slight OSU over OS lean.  I think it may clear up our identity a bit and the OSU, being a little larger, might be bolder at center field.  I do think OS works decently though and is probably nicer on a hat.  Thanks for the comment.