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News broke yesterday that RB Malcolm Agnew experienced hamstring tightness during drills and was forced to sit for much of the action.  Even after over 4 months off, his hammy just won’t cooperate to the level we had hoped.  Luckily, we have some other pretty good backs that can make significant contributions in the Fall.  These include Jovan Stevenson, Terron Ward, Storm Woods and Chris “Downtown” Brown.

In practice, word seems to be that Storm Woods right now is perhaps shining the brightest.  I have always been a fan of the way Jovan Stevenson finds ways to get yards and be a player who can be effective in multiple creative ways.  I think this is a year Riley needs to go beyond just one featured runner and go with a more USC style of 2 backs getting plenty of touches.  Word about Chris Brown has been that he is expected to play this year and should be an immediate effective runner.  So my hunch is Woods and Brown get the most touches followed closely by Stevenson and then Ward.  Ward is capable and got better towards the end of last year but I think he may be more of a 3rd down back and has to improve to earn significant minutes.

Regardless, the running unit needs to get its 120 yards per game for OSU to be in position to win.  The running game needs to get more creative and less predictable and restore its importance in the OSU winning philosophy.  Riley calling more plays should help in this respect so I hope he is more forceful in seeing his type of game called.  These are just my thoughts and I am curious as to who OSU fans expect will lead the rushing attack this year to get a bigger picture of opinions.

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  • OSU4Life

    I think you are right in that OSU should use multiple Running Backs to improve their running game! I also question why OSU never runs to the edge with pitches, or sweeps? At OSU we pray to gain at least 120 yards per game, at Nikegon they gain 120 yards on the ground in their first two offensive possesions! Everything seems to be this daunting unattainable task for OSU, while at Nikegon it is second nature, and so easy. I don’t get it? It is not just because of the Nike money train, its a mindset and schemes. At uo, they play to win, at OSU it appears that they just show up and hope for the best. Kind of like, oh well….. better luck next time, it sure is nice weather today! Now uo is better than OSU in EVERY Damn sport, what the Hell???

    • OS_Beaver

      I often feel Riley and Larry Scott are at odds.  Riley runs the program to try to win games only but never does anything new to generate more excitement.  I truly believe his ideal scenario is 7 or 8 wins.  He doesn’t want expectations raised.  He wants them only a smidge past par for the course.  A level he feels he can attain with some reguality, still get his extensions for 6 win seasons and all of that is good enough at OSU where he has tried to set it up that that can earn him 20 years at the helm until he is ready to retire in his life at exactly his timing to retire in the lifestyle to which he is accustomed.
      I am not talking trash either.  I truly believe this is the mindset.  Truely considering the healthiest situation is not getting its proper attention.  Going forward as Riley gets older, getting 7 wins will be above par and going 8 or higher will be EXTREMELY RARE.  We have the Pac-12 money coming in and it will increase as we go.  This new money needs to go to a coach with lots of energy, who inspires complete confidence like Harbaugh did and who won’t portray a ho-hum, life goes on attitude to losing.  Some great coaches will be wanting to get into a Pac-12 position at any opportunity.