Logical Playoff Proposal

I have a suggestion for a great 4 team playoff whose teams are the winners of the 4 current major bowls.

You don’t have to change hardly anything for this playoff. You use the current 4 major bowls as a defacto first round. Teams are selected into them as they currently are. Then the 4 winners advance to a Final 4 and the semi games can be played at the high seeds campus. The Championship game can then rotate among the usual venues.

All this system requires is one more BCS ranking after the bowls and we already do that anyway. Both 4 and 8 team playoff proponents can claim they are getting what they want and all the 6 BCS conferences would get teams into the major bowls as they do now. The Rose Bowl and every bowls traditional matchups are protected and the best conferences can get a 2nd team into the major bowls which they should when deserved.

This system provides everything they say they want but for some reason are not figuring out how to implement. It fits seamlessly onto the existing structure and provides meaningful major bowls and a great system to decide a true national champion.

The Pac-12 currently is the conference getting more 2nd teams into the BCS bowls than any other after the SEC. We should be protecting the aspects of the current system that has us as capapble of getting in two teams most years. That is also Oregon State’s best chance by far. This system since it doesn’t change the selection of teams into the Major Bowls protects the Rose Bowl but also that extra revenue from 2 teams getting in from the Pac-12 in many years. That will make Pac-12 fans much happier than if one team like Oregon dominates it too much.


We can have a traditional Rose Bowl, meaningful major bowls, great semis and a true national champion in an elegant solution.

Is this playoff proposal one you could get behind?

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